Financial Education Benefits Center Agrees With Studies Stating Benefits of Exercise on Depression

It’s well-established that physical activity alleviates depression, but a new study showed that hatha yoga, a relatively gentle form of exercise that combines stretches and breathing, has a long-term effect on depression. The Financial Education Benefits Center (FEBC) will be offering health and wellness benefits that are proven to help with depression and anxiety. Their newest services promote exercise from gentle forms such as yoga, to more strenuous forms like aerobic exercise.

“Depression is very common and a lot of people feel like they don’t have the tools to treat it,” says Jennifer Martinez, a manager at FEBC. “We want to make sure our members know they have the right tools at their disposal, including more than one service to help learn about exercise and get into an exercise routine that fits with their lifestyle and needs.”

The study, published in Psychological Medicine and headed by L.A. Uebelacker, included two groups: In addition to all participants taking antidepressants, one group practiced hatha yoga once a week and the other group attended weekly health education classes. The participants who attended health education classes functioned as the control group, against which the yoga group was compared. The whole study included 10 weeks of classes, either yoga or health education, and then follow-up sessions after 3 and 6 months.

The results showed that at the end of the 10-week classes, there was no significant difference between levels of depression in yoga participants and health education class participants. But at the end of the 6-month follow-up period, the participants who attended the yoga classes showed lower levels of depression than those who attended the health education classes. This suggests that yoga may have benefits that accumulate over time, outlasting education alone.

Though this study had its participants use medication in conjunction with yoga, studies from as early as 1999 have shown that aerobic exercise is as effective as medication, according to an article in The Atlantic from 2014. Since then, studies have only supported the proof. The article stresses that continual aerobic exercise is necessary to treat depression, which is why getting into a consistent routine is important.

“At FEBC we keep up with research on wellness benefits, and it’s abundantly clear that exercise improves physical and mental health wellness,” says Martinez. “The services we will be offering promote long-term health and encourage members to create and stick with an exercise routine that will maximize benefits in the long run.”

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